How e-Rep See & Touch works

How e-Rep See & Touch works:

The KDC e-Rep See & Touch service, allows you to select models you are interested in from our website, and we will courier your selection directly to your practice for you to See & Touch for yourself, free of charge! You can then keep the product you like, return any product you don’t like, and repeat-order the product you sell, all from the KDC e-Rep Website!

The See & Touch Service

Once you have selected the models you wish to be delivered to you, you can add your selection to your “E-Bag” and KDC Optical will courier your E-Bag directly to your practice free of charge.
KDC Optical will invoice you for your selection, and if you choose to return any product, your account will be credited.

You have 14 days from invoice to return any models you do not wish to keep. Simply click on the “Pick Up Returns” button if you wish to return any models within 14 days from invoice, and KDC Optical will arrange with the couriers to pick up the models you wish to return Free of charge.

KDC Optical offers a full 1 year warranty for factory fault on all products.

Navigate the Website

From the KDC e-Rep home page, log-in with your KDC Account Number (preceded by the letters “KDC”) and the email address associated with your practice.

Click on one of our ranges to browse all our latest models on the Products Page.

You can select the models you are interested in to be placed in your E-Rep Bag directly from the Products Page by clicking the small box under each model. A tick will appear in the box to indicate which models you have selected. Once you have selected the models you want, click “Add Selection To Bag” to add them all to your E-Bag.

The red “Add Selection To Bag” button is at the very top and bottom of the product page. 
At any time, you can easily click the red arrow on the bottom right of the screen to take you back to the top of the page where you can “Add Selection” to your E-bag.

You can also click on the model to get more details and enlarge the image of the model. From there you can also toggle between different colours of the same model as well as add the model to your E-Bag.

To see all your selections and to send a request to courier your E-Bag to your practice, click on “My E-Bag” at the top of the page.Terms & Conditions

  • Free delivery and retrieval of product only applies within the borders of the Republic of South Africa
  • KDC Optical will only arrange for free retrieval if the customer has notified KDC via the “Pick Up Returns” button within 14 days from invoice of the returning product.
  • KDC Optical reserves the right to discontinue the access of any customer to the e-Rep See & Touch Service, or any part thereof, or subject the customer’s use to any conditions KDC Optical sees fit. This decision is at the sole discretion of the Directors of KDC Optical, and will be based, inter alia, on any frequent abuse of the Service by the customer.